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Timed Auction - Ceramics, Glass and Collectables - Bidding via ONLY

20 June 2022 - 10:00 - 87 lots
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Realised £18

Lot 1

Nikon F50 camera body with a Nikon AF Nikkor 35-70mm

Realised £26

Lot 3

A collection of lace bobbins to include a selection of bone with glass bead weights.

Realised £12

Lot 4

Golf Club Ping Pal 6 putter, Karsten MFG Corp. Phoenix AZ. 85058.

Realised £12

Lot 5

Firecrest Dual-Purpose "Forsham, Liverpool", five section split-cane fly-fishing rod.

Realised £24

Lot 6

Two displays collecting poaching and theatre paraphernalia.

Realised £12

Lot 8

An Oldbury Rd. street sign.

Realised £16

Lot 9

Maling kingfisher plate.

Realised £17

Lot 10

Silver-topped and silver-banded conductors baton, inscribed "Presented to I. Waller esq. By the members of the St. John's Brotherhood Band. Mar. 16, 1913"

Realised £12

Lot 11

A collection of galvanised steel buckets/pails, watering cans, and a jug

Realised £12

Lot 12

A WWI trench pump, Hayward-Tyler & Co. Ltd, Engineers London, No. 5673, 1917.

Realised £185

Lot 13

Caravaggism in Europe, Second edition, three books revised and enlarged by Luisa Vertova.

Realised £32

Lot 14

19th Century cloth and brass border, wall mounted mirror with brass candle sticks.

Realised £42

Lot 15

Early English Pewter to include tankards, dishes etc...

Realised £13

Lot 16

Chain Mail body armour

Realised £12

Lot 17

Blue mottled Poole Pottery vase.

Realised £70

Lot 18

Royal Crown Derby, Imari Two Handled bowl, with damage to both handles. 1128, XL.

Realised £9

Lot 19

Three miniature clocks to include Swiza, Weiss and Kaiser brand

Realised £17

Lot 20

Two walking canes, Horse head unscrews revealing snuff container, Duck head unscrews revealing drinking glass.

Realised £19

Lot 21

A collection of walking canes of various designs, together with two truncheons and a riding crop.

Realised £270

Lot 22

A book of world Bank notes from the early 20th century, approx. 120.

Realised £22

Lot 23

A set of two bronze gilded hunting dog figurines.

Realised £6

Lot 24

Bronze pointer dog figure.

Realised £22

Lot 25

A collection of three Royal Doulton Figures to include Natalie, Monica and the balloon man.

Realised £6

Lot 26

A collection of Treen, to include trays, bowls, comb, etc...

Realised £6

Lot 27

Chalk figure of Christ with sacrificial lamb about shoulders, to include suspending base featuring a cherub holding the base aloft.

Realised £18

Lot 29

A collection of money banks of various design.

Realised £150

Lot 30

A collection of three advertising signs, to include one metal sign and two enamel.

Realised £18

Lot 31

Western National Bus Stop sign, together with a collection of small reproduction advertising signs.

Realised £12

Lot 32

A collection of reproduction advertising signs.

Realised £12

Lot 33

Two silver masonic items to include a medal "Stone of Friendship, Ezel Char. 287" with enamel detailing, together with a medal.

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