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Collectors Auction - Ceramics, Glass and Collectables

11 August 2022 - 13:00 - 131 lots
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Realised £70

Lot 33

A collection of military cap badges and buttons.

Realised £110

Lot 34

A collection of various coins.

Realised £30

Lot 35

Four various snuff boxes.

Realised £30

Lot 36

Three boxes of breweriana pub related items glasses tray etc.

Realised £20

Lot 37

Five stained wood boxes and photographic enlarger.

Realised £140

Lot 38

A cast iron garden cherub birdbath.

Realised £40

Lot 39

A Meissen cherub candelabra.

Realised £5

Lot 49

A collection of 4 figurine table lamps.

Realised £10

Lot 50

NB Paris Scales on wooden base.

Realised £10

Lot 51

A collection of Capo-D'-Monte figures (A/F one finger damaged from reading child)

Realised £50

Lot 52

Mahogany wall barometer

Realised £10

Lot 53

A chrome and mirrored tea serving tray, stamped DS to base.

Realised £40

Lot 54

A G Plan teak extending dining table together with 6 chairs.

Realised £32

Lot 55

A bright yellow mid-century style light fitting.

Realised £25

Lot 56

A copper fire screen, copper bowl and brass topped table.

Realised £30

Lot 59

Collection of various furniture, to include a mahogany tilt top table, nest of three tables, single drawer whatnot and mirror.

Realised £30

Lot 60

A collection of furniture to include a three tier serving trolley, a black lacquerware tray, pot cupboard and bookshelf.

Realised £40

Lot 61

A collection of various china ornaments to include Beswick budgie, Nao figures, chicken, lion etc.

Realised £35

Lot 62

Four boxes containing a quantity of various clocks, to include anniversary, wall clocks etc.

Realised £45

Lot 63

A large collection of various porcelain dolls, to include Ashton Drake Galleries.

Realised £420

Lot 66

A collection of GB coin covers with values up to £5 with corresponding stamps attached.Also a few loose stamps and booklets and Post Office publications.

Realised £60

Lot 67

An accumulation of Jersey stamps, FD.C.’s, M.S.’s, booklets and presentation packs 1980 to 2007, Mostly still in packs as received from philatelic bureau. Includes high values and a SG album partially completed.

Realised £55

Lot 68

An accumulation of Guernsey stamps, F.D.C.‘S, booklets and presentation packs. Some still in packs as received from the PhilatelicBureau. 1980 to 2005. Also S.G. Album’s partially completed.

Realised £10

Lot 69

Four gent's wristwatches to include, Yazole, Tissot, Montine and a Titanium quartz

Realised £45

Lot 70

A collection of costume jewellery, to include two Butler & Wilson brooches, bead necklaces, other brooches, a Kigu musical compact, earrings, bangles, chains, silver and gem stone bracelet etc.

Realised £10

Lot 71

A part suite of cubic zirconia jewellery, comprising a necklet and a pair of earrings, all stamped 925.

Realised £20

Lot 72

A SEKSY wristwatch, a SEKONDA wristwatch with a SEKONDA nurses watch

Realised £20

Lot 77

Two strings of cultured pearls, clasps stamped 375, length approx. 20

Realised £15

Lot 79

Two pairs of gem stone set earrings.

Realised £20

Lot 83

Two gent's ACCURIST wristwatches

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