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Collectors Auction - Ceramics, Glass and Collectables 555

11 August 2022 - 13:00 - 134 lots
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Realised £55

Lot 1

A leatherbound book titled ‘The Preferent State of London’ MDCXC.

Realised £20

Lot 2

A Pentax K2 camera, together with additional lenses.

Realised £28

Lot 3

A taxidermy small owl on a wooden base.

Realised £18

Lot 4

A cast iron No.4 J&J Siddons West Bromwich teapot with military arrow to top.

Realised £10

Lot 6

A Karlin Rushbrooke green studio glass vase. 18cm.

Realised £42

Lot 7

A collection of brass and copper to include candlestick cole bucket and lamp.

Realised £32

Lot 8

Two portable record players, Leak Delta 30 amplifier, and three Qed tape switching units.

Realised £70

Lot 9

A collection of Breweriana to include babycham glass mirrors and jugs.

Realised £32

Lot 10

A box of mixed items to include three oak trays book ends figures and boats.

Realised £35

Lot 11

A box of mixed items to include two Chinese ginger jars vases and plates.

Realised £100

Lot 12

A collection of toys two brass King Edward signs Action man and the Mystery machine.

Realised £30

Lot 13

A box of mixed brassware copper and cast iron .

Realised £30

Lot 14

A box of mixed silver plated items tea pots trays and goblets.

Realised £160

Lot 15

A box of watch parts and wrist watches.

Realised £60

Lot 16

A collection of wooden boxes tea caddy and sewing box.

Realised £20

Lot 17

Two boxes of mixed items to include china jugs plates and vases.

Realised £60

Lot 18

A box of tools oil cans and bank letter box .

Realised £10

Lot 19

A box of pewter tankards and table lighter in the form of a dog.

Realised £20

Lot 20

Two boxes containing mixed commemorative ware Chinese vase and plates.

Realised £25

Lot 21

A containing pill pots boxes etc.

Realised £65

Lot 22

A box containing a quantity of clocks.

Realised £40

Lot 23

Five oil lamps with shades.

Realised £100

Lot 24

A collection of cigarette boxes pill boxes etc.

Realised £420

Lot 25

Eight Meissen figurines all with damage.

Realised £35

Lot 27

A green glass double end perfume bottle and one silver topped bottle.

Realised £22

Lot 28

A large collection of worldwide match boxes

Realised £35

Lot 29

Thirty five Langnickel paint brushes.

Realised £35

Lot 30

A hollow bronze statue of Adolf Hitler.

Realised £65

Lot 31

A collection of silver items to include spoons cigarette case brush etc.

Realised £340

Lot 32

A collection of metal whistles.

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