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June 5th Sale - Fine Art, Antiques, Jewellery, Silver, Coins, Militaria & Toys

05 June 2015 - 10:00 - 275 lots
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Realised £220

Lot 1

SUE ATKINSON (b. 1949) Framed, signed, 2015, oil on board, Contemporary Naive coastal composition, busy beach scene with figures looking for shells along shoreline, Atkinson is a member of the Leeds Fine Art Club as well as having exhibited widely

Realised £300

Lot 3

MARY STORK (1938 - 2007) Framed, signed, mixed media on paper, female nude figure study. Stork was a member of the Penwith Society of Arts as well as the N.S.A. Newlyn Society of Artists, 36.5cm x 25.2cm. (ARR).

Realised £280

Lot 7

MARY STORK (1938 - 2007) Framed, signed, mixed media on paper, female nude figure study, with head study in profile to verso, in single frame. Stork was a member of the Penwith Society of Arts as

Realised £260

Lot 10

IVOR ABRAHAMS R.A. (1935 – 2015) Six framed, signed and dated in pencil, artists proofs, prints on paper, to include, three dated 1977, screenprints on paper, from the 'Oxford Gardens Suite'; titled 'Oxford Gardens IX', 'Oxford Gardens I' and 'Oxford

Realised £340

Lot 11

IVOR ABRAHAMS R.A. (1935 – 2015) A patinated bronze sculpture of a reclining figure, mounted on rectangular plinth, stamped to side, signed, dated 1987 and inscribed ‘A/C’ to base, height 7.5cm, width 25cm, depth 11.5cm.

Realised £160

Lot 12

IVOR ABRAHAMS R.A. (1935 – 2015) A ceramic painted and glazed sculpture, 'The Bathers', signed with monogram and dated 1983 to base, additionally signed, dated and inscribed 'Fulham Pottery' to back, depicting a crouched female figure in orange

Realised £80

Lot 16

J. E. MCCONNELL. Framed, indistinctly signed, watercolour on paper, heightened with white, large horse in profile looming over army of horsemen with swords raised, riding through extensive landscape beyond, see label verso, John Mathieson & Co.,

Realised £240

Lot 17

WILLIAM STONE (1842 - 1913) Framed, signed, dated 1887, oil on canvas, snowy winters scene with figures and horse drawn carraige outside an inn, titled in artist's hand verso, 'Old Inn on the Round-side near Shrewsbury', 49.5cm x 67.5cm.

Realised £120

Lot 18

SIR ALFRED JAMES MUNNINGS, P.R.A., R.W.S. (1878-1959) Framed, signed in pencil to margin, coloured print, published 1935 by Frost & Reed, blindstamped, showing figures riding in a horse drawn carraige, 48.4cm x 74.4cm.

Realised £120

Lot 19

ARTHUR TROYTE GRIFFITH (1864 - 1942) Framed, signed on label verso, watercolour on paper, extensive English landscape scene, with bridge crossing river. Griffith, a Malvern architect, was a close friend of Edward Elgar. It is beleived Elgar's

Realised £60

Lot 20

LUCRETIA JOHNSON. Framed, signed, watercolour on paper, study of Jack the donkey titled and inscribed verso, 'Jack waiting for passengers', 'The Cellar Studio, Clovelly', together with ARTHUR F. BELCHER. Framed, signed, watercolour on paper,

Realised £80

Lot 24

THOMAS MACKAY (1851 - 1920) Framed, signed with monogram, dated 1912, oil on board, titled 'The Patrol' and additionally signed and dated verso, British soldier riding a horse on a country lane, 29.5cm x 21cm.

Realised £80

Lot 25

Framed, unsigned, oil on canvas laid on board, English School, bust length portrait of a 17th Century gentleman with white collar, 21cm x 14cm.

Realised £170

Lot 26

EDWARD ARTHUR WALTON R.S.A., P.R.S.W., R.P. (1860 - 1922) Framed, signed, watercolour on paper, figure with donkey, beside moored rowing boats on sea shore with figures beyond in shallow waters, 23cm x 34cm.

Realised £110

Lot 29

SAMUEL OWEN (1768 - 1857) Framed, signed, watercolour on paper, stormy seascape with ships by a jetty, titled on label verso, 'Shipping by a jetty', 8cm x 12cm. Provenance: with 'Richard and Georgina Ivor, Fine English Watercolours', see label verso.

Realised £190

Lot 30

EDWARD KING REDMORE (1860 - 1841) Framed, signed, oil on canvas, Maritime scene with fishermen in rowing boat before large sailing vessels, 30cm x 45cm.

Realised £160

Lot 31

SAMUEL OWEN (1768 - 1857) Framed, signed, watercolour on paper, shipping landscape with busy port and church beyond, 8cm x 12cm.

Realised £80

Lot 32

JOHN WAKE. Framed, signed, dated 1974, oil on board, titled on artist's label verso, 'Parr Harbour' Cornish scene showing China clam boats loading at Parr, 39.5cm x 63.5cm.

Realised £60

Lot 33

Framed, unsigned, 20th Century oil on canvas, Continental harbour landscape, inscribed 'Louny', with church beyond, possibly St. Nicolas Church, Louny, Czech Republic, 29.2cm x 39.5cm.

Realised £100

Lot 36

SHIRLEY ANNE WEBB. Framed, signed, gouache on paper, titled on mount, 'Turnstone, Ringed Plover & Kentish Plover', study of three birds on pebbled ground, one with two baby birds, 24cm x 29cm.

Realised £100

Lot 37

HENRY (HARRY) EPWORTH ALLEN R.B.A., P.S. (1894 - 1958) Framed, unsigned, charcoal and pastel sketch on paper, barn in woodland clearing, beside fallen tree trunks, 20.7cm x 27cm. Provenance: with Derwent-Wye Fine Art, Derbyshire. (ARR).

Realised £150

Lot 39

GEORGE WARREN BLACKHAM (fl. 1882 - 1906) Framed, signed, dated 1899, watercolour on paper, Birmingham street scene with figures bustling through Victoria Square, 24cm x 39cm.

Realised £200

Lot 41

HENRY (HARRY) EPWORTH ALLEN R.B.A., P.S. (1894 - 1958) Framed, signed, watercolour over pencil on paper, rural village and stone wall before rocky grasslands, 23.5cm x 26.3cm. Provenance: with Derwent-Wye Fine Art, Derbyshire. (ARR).

Realised £280

Lot 42

ERNEST ALBERT CHADWICK R.I., R.B.S.A. (1876-1955) Framed, signed, dated 1912, watercolour on paper, cattle on woodland pathway, Ravenshaw Lane, Solihull, titled and inscribed on label verso, 'Ravenshaw ford/ Ernest A. Chadwick, Solihull', 26.5cm x

Realised £130

Lot 43

After FRANK BRAMLEY R.A. (1857 - 1915) Framed, bears name, watercolour on paper, interior scene titled, 'The Hopeless Dawn'. Bramley's original 1888 oil painting, is part of the Tate's permanent collection, 23.5cm x 32cm.

Realised £50

Lot 44

MURRAY MACDONALD (fl. 1889 - 1914) Framed, signed, dated 1906, Scottish watercolour on paper, titled on label verso, 'The head of Glen Nevis', drover herding sheep through Scottish glen, 27cm x 37.6cm. Provenance: see The Chadwick Gallery,

Realised £180

Lot 45

WILFRED WILLIAMS BALL (1853 - 1917) Framed, signed, watercolour on paper, titled on mount, 'Reflection in the river', with cottages to river bank, see Jays Fine Art Dealers, Southport, label verso, 30.5cm x 45.5cm.

Realised £40

Lot 47

Two framed, unsigned, 19th Century watercolours on paper, topographical landscape scenes, inscribed on mount, 'La porte de Venasque - from Bagnères de Luchon' and 'The principal street Bagnères de Luchon', see old receipt attached verso, 25.5cm x

Realised £240

Lot 50

JOHN VARLEY O.W.S. (1778 - 1842) Framed, unsigned, watercolour on paper, calm evening river landscape scene, showing cottage with smoking chimney beside woodland on river bank, 24cm x 34.2cm. Provenance: with The Ruskin Gallery, Birmingham. See old

Realised £70

Lot 53

JOHN FULLWOOD R.B.A. (1883 - 1954) Framed, signed, watercolour on paper, river landscape with figures on river bank and swallows flying above water's surface, titled on mount, 'Richmond Bridge', 52cm x 73.5cm. (ARR).

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