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November Interiors Sale - Room 1

12 November 2016 - 10:00 - 341 lots
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Realised £80

Lot 3

TESSA FRANKS. A collection of framed works by the artist, self-portraits, still lifes, landscapes, together with JOHN DAVENPORT RBSA. Framed, signed, oil on canvas portrait of Tessa Franks, 49cm x 38.5cm.

Realised £100

Lot 4

Six framed, unsigned, charcoal sketches on paper, figurative scenes showing a man and woman in various scenarios, 56cm x 73cm, (6).

Realised £30

Lot 5

Framed, unsigned, 20th Century oil on board, Abstract composition, 78cm x 58cm.

Realised £180

Lot 6

NORMAN ADAMS R.A. (1927 - 2005) Framed, unsigned, watercolour on paper, titled, dated and inscribed on label verso, 'Norman Adams/ A study in Ribblesdale/ 1958', 11.5cm x 12.5cm. (ARR).

Realised £170

Lot 8

NANCY SPERO (1926 - 2009) Framed, signed, dated '98, titled 'Parade' and numbered '21/200' in pencil, Contemporary American silkscreen on paper, 60.5cm x 48cm.

Realised £45

Lot 10

Four various decorative rectangular frames, average rebate: 59cm x 68cm, (4).

Realised £60

Lot 11

Five various decorative rectangular frames, to include two pairs, average rebate: 60cm x 47cm, (5).

Realised £50

Lot 13

Six various decorative rectangular frames, average rebate: 55cm x 42cm, (6).

Realised £40

Lot 14

A collection of picture frames, average rebate size 41cm x 61cm.

Realised £100

Lot 15

DE CLARO. Unframed, signed, oil on canvas Venetian scene, 60cm x 79.5cm.

Realised £120

Lot 16

A. DENIS. Four unframed, three signed, mid 20th Century, oils on canvas, French rural landscape scenes, (4).

Realised £70

Lot 18

C. TIEZNO. Framed, signed, dated 1867, Italian oil on board, Venetian scene with gondoliers, 39cm x 28.7cm.

Realised £15

Lot 19

Three framed signed, prints on paper, depicting Dutch 17th Century interior scenes, signed 'Antoine Gaymard', 33.1cm x 26.4cm, (3).

Realised £85

Lot 21

FREDERICK WILLIAM BOOTY (1840 - 1924) Framed, signed, dated 1915, watercolour on paper, 'The Chapel, Haddon Hall', light shining through stained glass window onto alter in chapel interior, 50.5cm x 37.5cm.

Realised £380

Lot 22

FRANCIS KRAUSE. Framed, signed, oil on canvas, waves crashing against rocky beach coastline at dusk, 44cm x 80cm.

Realised £150

Lot 23

P. COLLINS after ROBERT RIGGS (1896 - 1970) Framed, signed, oil on board, 'The Brown Bomber', depicting the 1938 boxing match between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling, 48.5cm x 58.5cm.

Realised £260

Lot 24

AUGUSTUS WILLIAM ENNESS (1876 - 1948) Framed, signed, oil on canvas, river landscape at sunset, 61cm x 73cm,

Realised £55

Lot 25

FARRINGTON. Framed, signed, dated '67' and titled 'I shall eclecticise la Chaise just as Rodin eclectisied Michelangelo' in pencil to margin, artists proof etching on paper, showing standing semi nude female in red knickers,

Realised £75

Lot 26

WALTER PIPPEL ANDERS (b. 1907) Framed, signed, oil on canvas, titled on artist's label verso, 'Am Walchensee', German alpine lake scene, 49.5cm x 59cm.

Realised £42

Lot 27

Three framed, unsigned, oils on board, English landscape scenes, one inscribed on plaque 'Harry W. Adams', 29cm x 39cm, 29cm x 44cm and 44cm x 29.5cm, (3).

Realised £100

Lot 28

PHILIP MALTMAN (b. 1950) Framed, signed, dated '00, Contemporary oil on paper, titled verso, 'Of The Folding Waves'. Maltman is one of the Saatchi Artists, 51cm x 71.5cm. Provenance: Private Collection; current owner purchased from Midlands Art

Realised £55

Lot 29

BRIAN COOK. Framed, signed with monogram, oil on board, portrait of the artist Paivi Mutikainen, titled verso 'Paivi Thinking', 48cm x 38cm.

Realised £80

Lot 31

After JEAN- HONORE FRAGONARD (1732 - 1806) Framed, unsigned, 20th Century oil on board, after Fragonard's 'Young girl reading', showing girl in yellow dress reading profile, together

Realised £60

Lot 32

A. W. TAYLOR. Framed, signed, dated 1908, oil on canvas, bust length portrait of a lady in profile, 24.4cm x 17.2cm.

Realised £80

Lot 33

A collection of framed, some signed, oil on canvas/oil on board paintings depicting various landscapes and a still life, various sizes.

Realised £200

Lot 34

After GIAMBOLOGNA (c.1529 - 1608) Lead sculpture depicting 'The Rape of a Sabine', approx. 48cm high. (A/F).

Realised £70

Lot 35

FRANK SPENLOVE SPENLOVE (c.1866 - 1933) Framed, signed, watercolour on paper, rural English river scene with background architecture, 22cm x 33cm.

Realised £65

Lot 36

SIDNEY FOLEY A.R.O.I, R.S.M.A. (1915 - 2001) Framed, signed, watercolour on paper, figures before Windsor Castle, titled on label verso 'Rain Cloud, Windsor', 26.3cm x 36.5cm.

Realised £95

Lot 37

C. R. LYNCH. Framed, signed, dated 1969, oil on canvas laid on board, titled on label verso, 'Studland Bay, Dorset', figures on beach landscape with grassy dunes, 29cm x 44cm.

Realised £120

Lot 39

ALFRED FLOWERS. Pair of framed, one signed, watercolours on paper, maritime scenes, showing sailing boats off the Cornish coast, Carricks Road, 26cm x 41cm, (2).

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